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My cycling journey began about 5 years ago when my friend dragged me into a cycling class.

I immediately fell in love with this workout – the combination of motivating music, emotion, and physical strength was incredibly rewarding. Determined to share this experience to others I got my certification as an indoor cycling instructor and opened this studio to share my enthusiasm and passion for cycling with others and creating a community to have one aim: Ride Together.



Qualifying as a Personal Trainer in 2006 Rebecca worked for the Central YMCA until moving abroad. Her qualifications include Client Appraisal, Sports Conditioning, Ante & Postnatal Conditioning, Nutrition & Weight Management.
She is an enthusiastic obstacle racer and trail runner and passionate about getting people moving and using the whole body whatever their age and ability.



David discovered his passion for indoor cycling whilst living in New York. In 2021 he took this passion to another level completing the Spinning®️ Instructor Certification. As a keen runner, David has completed over 10 marathons around the world, but is just as passionate about bringing fun and laughter to the studio.



Jo is a Brazilian Fitness Instructor, Astrologer and Crystal Healer. She believes everything is about energy and by keeping a healthy and active body we are able to raise our vibration and connect with our soul. 

She is passionate about weight lifting and indoor cycling having found her love for the gym very early in life when still living back in Brazil. Jo has been teaching Hiit classes for the last 5 years, in both Switzerland and London. 

“I believe exercising, sweating and lifting is the most efficient way to lift us up, literally! It helps us to face life’s challenges with a positive attitude and energy. Let’s keep moving forward together!”



Bettina found her love for cycling at SoulCycle in Chicago in 2017. Since the very first ride, the bike has been her happy place and her mission is to share her love for the bike! She loves turning the studio into a night club and motivating her riders to dance. Bettina is passionate about music and believes in its healing powers. She dedicates one song in each class to mental health and gives her riders the space to let go. In her classes you can find all the hits from the 80s to today and everyone’s favorite singalong tunes.

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Jonny's passion for indoor cycling began in the U.K., but it was in Singapore that he truly developed his passion. With a Schwinn Indoor Cycling certification, Jonny aims to show that indoor cycling is inclusive for all. It's not about fitness levels — it's about the sheer thrill of the ride! In Jonny's classes, you'll pedal to the beat of music inspired by his love for 80s and rock hits, seamlessly infused with the latest tunes. Join the ride and discover the fusion of timeless beats and modern hits for an unforgettable cycling experience!

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Meet Vero, a dynamic soul originally from sunny Spain, who embarked on her indoor cycling journey a decade ago. Vero believes in the unifying power of music and dreams of sharing the joy she experiences with more riders. Among her friends, she’s recognise for radiating positive vibes and maintaining an optimistic mindset. Her motivation stems from building connections, meeting new people, and continually embracing new experiences. What sets her sessions apart is her unique ability to infuse an irresistible energy powered by electronic, indie rock and latin vibes. Join Vero for a spin where you’ll not only break a sweat but also absorb the energy and the infectious happiness she purposefully shares!

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