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About Cyclo Studio

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

Cyclo studio provides 50-minute high-intensity indoor cycling classes throughout the year, but it's more than just an exercise class. The studio has subtle lighting, energizing music, and motivating instructors to guide you through a fun and vibey class that makes it so fun you barely even notice you're training so hard.

There are a number of proven health benefits beyond weight loss, these range from strengthening your heart and lungs, decreasing the risk of heart disease, improving your sleep quality, reducing anxiety and improved overall mental health states.

Benefits of High-Intensity spinning

Increased Energy levels

You'll be in a great mood all day

Weight Loss

(500 calories burnt on average per class)

Improved Mental health

Less anxiety, stress & depression

Improved Physical health

Get fit and STRONG

Great community of motivated individuals

Come and find your tribe

Improved Sleep Schedules

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